Application Service Provider Agreement

In addition, this version of the agreement involves the provision of comprehensive training by SSP. An additional timetable is provided to allow the ASP to define its own training programme. Two alternative versions, for which the customer must be attentive to his own training needs, are also available. The application software is located on the provider`s system and is accessed by users via a web browser with HTML or via client software provided by the provider. Custom client software can also be linked to these systems via XML APIs. These APIs can also be used where integration with internal systems is required. APs may or may not use client capacity when making software available to customers; Some ASPs offer each customer an instance or license (for example.B. thanks to virtualization), others provide in client access mode with a single instance, now more often called “SaaS”. 4.2. Taxes. The voting association and the client are called “party” and together the “parties”. BY USING THE ONLINE VOTING SOFTWARE, CUSTOMER AGREES TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT. An application service provider (ASP) is a company that provides computer-based services to clients over a network.

z.B. Access to a specific software application (for example. B Customer Relationship Management) by a standard protocol (for example. B HTTP). 1.17. “Site” means a site located on Association Voting`s Internet server that provides an online interface for the Customer to interact with the Application Software on the Web. The site is the property of association voting and is hosted by Association Voting or by a particular Internet service provider. . .


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