Tumexchange Learning Agreement

Have you applied for an exchange place in the TUMexchange program? Does your future host university have an agreement with TUM within the framework of the “international” dimension of Erasmus? You can apply for a grant. Check out our website on courses and how you design your apprenticeship agreement/study program to prepare for your academic stay. Contact for: China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam . . . Contact for: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Israel, Mexico Language of Education for partner countries TUMexchange (PDF, 71 KB) When preparing for your stay at TUM, you should consult the TUM course catalogue to review the offer for your apprenticeship agreement/study program. If you have any questions about the learning agreement, please contact the exchange manager at your home university and the coordinator of your TUM department. Please check with your home university to find out if you need to use a special form for your apprenticeship agreement. This document must not be signed at the time of your application to TUM. The Erasmus scholarship will be released after filing the following documents: Information on specific needs grant_disability (PDF, 159 KB). Once you have downloaded and submitted all the documents, you will receive your online application form in PDF format. Send this request in accordance with the portal`s instructions. .

If the average score is not mentioned in the minutes of your license, the minutes are required with the score. The score is necessary to calculate your average score . . . In addition to the programs coordinated by TUM, it is also possible to obtain grants for a stay abroad from external providers. Important: A successful application for the exchange program via TUMexchange does not automatically entitle you to a scholarship. However, stays at selected partner universities can be funded by Erasmus International. In addition, you will find on our scholarship website useful information on scholarships from external providers that may be suitable for your stay abroad. In the last selections, about half of the candidates were nominated by TUMexchange. Your chances of securing a place depend a lot on your favorite university.

Applications are particularly high for universities in North America, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, some universities in China. Please note that we cannot answer questions about individual cases. Note: TUM Department of Architecture, TUM Department of Informatics and TUM School of Management use an additional application tool. You can find more information on the web pages of your TUM department. . Exam period From mid-February to the end of March (according to the departments) The ATHENS programme offers one-week stays in the European network of partner universities. Your Erasmus scholarship will be released through the TUMexchange program and after receiving a successful application and nomination and submit the following documents to the TUM Global – Alumni Office: The competition is organized through the TUM Global – Alumni Office.

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