New Article in J. of Archaeological Method and Theory

I have just had an article published in the J. of Archaeological Method and Theory – which explains a bit more about my approach to using Augmented Reality within archaeology and how it might aid in a phenomenological approach to the landscape. The article is as a result of a conference I attended last year, ‘In Search of Middle Ground’ (organised by Dot Graves and Kirsty Millican) and forms part of a special issue that will be coming out in paper print a bit later in the year. There are some really interesting papers in the issue (some of which are already available from the journal’s Online-First section), all of which deal with the tricky area that lies between computer-based analysis of the landscape and actually getting out into the field and walking around.

It is good to get some work out there and hopefully start some debates regarding the validity of the approach, although as I read it back now I can see how far my thinking has come already and a few things that need some further development.

The article is available on the journal’s site (for people who have a subscription or institutional access) and also from UCL’s Open Access site (just a pre-print with no fancy formatting). Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions!

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