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Dead Men’s Eyes Stories, Podcasts and Seminars

I have been presenting quite a bit lately about the Dead Men’s Eyes project and it has also been picked up by a couple of the mainstream press outlets – so I thought I should put together a page that has links to more information about the project. Hopefully this list will grow over the next couple of years!

Academic Articles/Books

  • Eve, S. Dead Men’s Eyes: Embodied GIS, Mixed Reality and Landscape Archaeology. BAR British Series 600, Archaeopress. – the book of my PhD thesis (buy it here!).
  • Eve, S. ‘Augmenting Phenomenology: Using Augmented Reality to Aid Archaeological Phenomenology in the Landscape’. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory, 19 (4) pp. 582-600.

Press Articles

  • The Atlantic Finding out what the past smells like
  • The Daily Mail Step into – and even SMELL – ancient worlds: Augmented reality software will let you experience ancient ruins like never before
  • Discover Magazine Archaeologists see and smell the past with Augmented Reality
  • – Page 13 of this free paper


Blog posts/Online Articles


Recorded Seminars

  • A seminar given at York University on Embodied GIS: